Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump's Legacy

Little did Trump realise when he abused and insulted ordinary people, denigrated women and the disabled that he would ignite an outcry that would resonate around the world. History will record him as the leader who by default reminded the world that we are one family and that our future and the future of our children depends on unity of purpose, unity to protect the environment, unity to save the great forests, unity to preserve the sea, in short to save the planet.

Friday, January 13, 2017

NHS in crisis

            It is about this time, soon after the New Year that the old chestnut appears- NHS in crisis.

Has it ever been otherwise?

To provide comprehensive health care for all at the point of need in a modern world with a growing elderly population was always a pipe dream- impossible to achieve. Yet successive governments continue to repeat the mantra and pretend that a further tranche of money is all that is needed to cure its ills. 

The time has come to cry foul and admit that the dream is a myth and always has been. We the people must take responsibility for our lives and no longer expect the government to do so. 

Let’s start with something simple. If you want to drink, you pay for the consequences of overindulgence, similarly if you choose to smoke. If you overeat and become obese it’s your responsibility …

The time has come to tell the people of the UK that the holiday is over.

You are responsible for your health- not the government not your neighbour but YOU.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Brexit-falling off the edge

Brexit- falling off the edge

As the date for the activation of article 50 approaches, the uncertainty of its effect is being discussed by every UK business and enterprise. Recently there was a piece on the BBC about its impact on the farming industry. At the moment farmers enjoy tariff free trade with the Common market and receive large subsidies to maintain their production and protect the countryside. But they fear the future if that was all to change. The same applies to the auto industry, the manufacturing industry etc. All face an unknown future as we sail into uncharted waters. I am reminded of those early sailors who believed the world was flat and if they went too far they would fall off the edge. Will history show that Brexit was a step too far?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A meteorite called Trump

            A meteorite called Trump has struck the Western World. It is wobbling on its axis while people wait spellbound to see which way it will settle. Will it waver uncertainly swinging from right to left, will it spin off into obscurity or will it stabilise and settled into a rational pattern. Nations are holding their breath wondering whether the agreements that they have made will be honoured. Meanwhile the moneymen are having a heyday racking in huge profits as they speculate with the life savings of the ordinary man and woman.

            The corruption of misinformation has infected both sides of the Atlantic. The mass of the people have been conned into believing that all that glitters IS gold. Trumps trumpeting and Boris boasting have led people up the path to a Walt Disney dream world where you get everything for nothing and THEY owe you a living.                                                                                              9/11/2016

Friday, September 30, 2016

A speech of Hope

            The memorial service for Shimon Peres held today on Mount Herzl in Israel was a watershed in many ways. It commemorated the death of a great and beloved leader. The heads of state of more than twenty countries attended with the presence of Mahmoud Abbas a significant feature. The handshake between him and Netanyahu was particularly poignant. After speeches by the main figures in Israel’s politics and including President Clinton, Barach Obama gave the final eulogy. In a statesman like presentation he gave a moving and thoughtful review of his admiration and respect for Shimon. In particular he repeated his support for Shimon’s unquestionable optimism and belief that the unrest in the Middle East can be resolved and that future generations will see the two states living side by side in peace.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


            The advent of the smartphone with its in-built camera and the availability of Facebook and the mass media have become the tools whereby too many of us trivialise the suffering and loss of those we do not know. To stand and photograph men women and children laying dying in the streets in Brussels, Paris, or Nice rather than come to their aid if only to be with them during their dying moments is an indictment against all who have lost their humanity.
            We listen to the numbers of dead from the lips of the carefully coiffured TV announcers as if recording the result of some obscene game; one hundred and twenty three dead they gleefully announce as the mythical Devil licks his lips.
            Yet each is a father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son a living breathing human being with the same aspirations as the voyeurs who cold bloodily stand and watch.
            How have we forgotten that ‘there but for the grace of God go I?
Why doesn’t our humanity shout out and say,
            ‘No we will not let their deaths be in vain.’ Later we stand and light candles and cry but where were we in their moment of need?