Friday, June 17, 2016

17th June 2016
Jo Cox:   ‘she truly believed in a better world’

            The mindless killing of Jo Cox an MP in North England yesterday shook the western world. All who heard about it will have been affected. I felt an immense sadness as tears pricked my eyes- a life hardly started had been viciously ended by the action of an enraged member of the public.
            We will hear that the perpetrator was deranged and therefore less responsible for his actions. Later the finger will be pointed at the police and the social services, which will be shown to have overlooked something, which might have prevented this appalling act. 
            Eventually the whole awful event will be sanitised as an unavoidable occurrence, the price we pay to live in a free society.
           Finally the finger will be pointed at the gratuitous violence that we see on the TV, in films and on the Internet and the part it played in the death of this young promising life. We are all responsible will be the cry.
 Instead it was in my opinion the act of a mindless bully who grew up to believe that violence solves problems. Killing her he believed would stop a movement that he opposed. How wrong he was.
Has individual accountability been assigned to the pages of history?