Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A meteorite called Trump

            A meteorite called Trump has struck the Western World. It is wobbling on its axis while people wait spellbound to see which way it will settle. Will it waver uncertainly swinging from right to left, will it spin off into obscurity or will it stabilise and settled into a rational pattern. Nations are holding their breath wondering whether the agreements that they have made will be honoured. Meanwhile the moneymen are having a heyday racking in huge profits as they speculate with the life savings of the ordinary man and woman.

            The corruption of misinformation has infected both sides of the Atlantic. The mass of the people have been conned into believing that all that glitters IS gold. Trumps trumpeting and Boris boasting have led people up the path to a Walt Disney dream world where you get everything for nothing and THEY owe you a living.                                                                                              9/11/2016